Miradouro Da Bica Da Cana, as the name indicates, is in the Bica Da Cana area.

In the area between Paul da Serra and Fanal.

In this place it is possible to see the valley of São Vicente, the area of the wind farm.

It has a 360° view over the area of Paul Da Serra, Bica Da Cana and all the surrounding area.  

Bica da Cana Viewpoint is probably the most underrated viewpoint in Madeira Island.

Overlooking Pico Ruivo , the highest peak in Madeira as well as good visibility up to Pico do Arieiro , this viewpoint is as scenic as it gets.

The best part of Bica da Cana is how it can often be just above the clouds due to its height of 1,560m above sea level.

This means you enjoy a mystical atmosphere as the sea of clouds rolls over the mountains below.

It is a perfect spot for sunrise.

Access to this viewpoint is only possible using a TT wheelchair, specific for this type of terrain.
The access is made by a trail, walking about 30M.


♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic ( Totally Irregular Floor ).


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