Madeira Island……

Site of stunning landscapes, abundant and green forests, volcanic mountains where we can be dazzled by the sunset, gardens of lush colors, dives into the resplendent blue sea.

A mild climate all year round… thousand and one reason to visit us.

Visits that have begun since ancient times, in a permanent search for the bright sun and breathtaking landscapes.

To know Madeira is “to feel in the clouds ” when we get involved in the scenery of the peak of Arieiro, admiring the sunrise, the stunning nature, the tranquility, the silence……

It is to walk the levadas, excavated by man, in deep places in nature, reach out and feed the birds, who caress us, touch nature………

To know Madeira is to know people, to be welcomed with a smile, with a special affection, an exemplary hospitality where it inspires security and tranquility.

To discover Madeira is to taste the cake of the shard, taste the skewer on bay stick, the tuna steak with fried corn.

To know Madeira is to enjoy the sunset, accompanied by a glass of wooden wine, complemented with a slice of honey cake and ending with a sweet honey bread.

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