Terms And Conditions Of Our Services

🟢 – Tours Include Transport And Insurance As Required By Portuguese Law.

🟢 – The Customer Is Always Warned When It Involves Prices, Payment, Entrances, Etc.

🟢 – We Stop At Various Places Where They Sell Drinks, Snacks, Regional Products.

🔴 – Entrance Fees to Places, Lunches, Dinners and Other Food and Drinks are not included.

🔴⚠️ – Customers ARE NOT OBLIGED TO CONSUME OR BUY, But If They Do, They Help The Regional Economy. 🔴⚠️

🔴 – Tours May Be Cancelled Or Changed Without Prior Notice, For Weather Reasons Or For Reasons Beyond Our Responsibility.

🔴 – The decision of cancellation is up to the person in charge of the company Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair & Madeira Accessible Travel Agency, which is doing the tour that day.

🔴 – You are given the choice to change the day of the tour or its route.

🔴 – As long as the schedule of the company Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair & Madeira Accessible Travel Agency allows it to be done together with the days that the customer has available to do so.

🔴 – In case of cancellation for the reasons described above, and it is not possible to reschedule, we offer a voucher to enjoy on another possible date or
The amount corresponding to that day will be returned to the customer within 48 hours (forty-eight hours).

🔴 – Cancellations by the Customer Less Than 48 Hours (Forty Eight Hours) From the Scheduled Day Will Not Be Refunded.

🔴 – In case the flight is cancelled due to not landing at Funchal Airport (Madeira Island), you have up to 08 hours (eight hours) before the start of the tour to notify that the flight has been cancelled.

🔴 – You must use the ( Email ) For This Purpose Or ( WhatsApp ), Click On The Links, You Will Be Directed.

🔴 – If This Does Not Happen, You Will Be Charged The Amount Stipulated For The Tour That Day, Without Entitlement To Any Kind Of Refund.

🔴 – Customers Who Do Not Show Up On The Scheduled Day Will Not Be Refunded And Will Be Charged For The Entire Day.

🔴 – During the tour, if the client feels tired, it is possible to return to the hotel at any time and will be charged the amount stipulated for that day, even if he does not take the tour.

🔴 – The Company Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair & Madeira Accessible Travel Agency, Must Alert The Customer Up To 08 Hours (Eight Hours) Before The Tour Starts, For Any Changes That May Have Occurred.

🔴 – If It Is Not Possible To Do What Is Stipulated On That Day, For Some Specific Reason (For Example, The Car Has Broken Down), And If It Is Not Possible To Exchange For Another Car.

🟢 – The Company must refund the amount for the day.

🔴 – Failure to comply with the safety instructions given by the person conducting the tour cannot be imputed to the company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair & Madeira Accessible Travel Agency.

🔴 – There may be delays in the scheduled time to leave a location, for reasons such as traffic or other reasons.

🔴 – The Client or Hotel Will Always Be Alerted To This Effect.

🔴 – Insurance According to Portuguese Law.

🔴🟢 – It is mandatory to identify the client’s full name, hotel, room, telephone number and contact e-mail address, if necessary.

🔴🟢 – Bring Comfortable Clothing, Suitable For Sun Or Rain, Bring Closed, Comfortable And Non-Slip Shoes.

🟢 – It is possible to prepare a snack for diabetic people and children at an extra cost.


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