Description of the Palheiro Garden Tour

This tour departing from the hotel, starts around 9am, and we will head towards Palheiro Gardens, one of our gardens.
In this garden we will find

This garden can be visited in 4 hours.

The entrance fees are included up to a maximum of 4 persons and a small snack.

Please contact us for more information.

Palheiro Gardens are famous not only for the variety of plants that grow there but also for their location in the hills east of Funchal.

Madeira Island has long been known as a “Garden” and it seems that everything grows in its fertile soil.

In Funchal many tropical plants have found their home and visitors can see hibiscus and bungalows in bloom almost all year round along with jacarandas, forest blossoms, corallines and bauinias in their own seasons.

The Palheiro Gardens are situated at an altitude of 500 metres. While most tropical plants do not do well at this altitude, the variety of plants that thrive is outstanding due to the cool air, often damped by fog, encouraging rapid growth.

The original owner, the first Earl of Carvalhal, planted many trees on the property and started the collection of camellias, some of his tree plantings date back 200 years and can still be seen today.

Please contact us for more information. this site has a public 🚾♿ and is served by a snack bar and a restaurant.

It is only possible to do this garden using our equipment.

Return time to the hotel 30m.

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