Description Sunrise at the Bica Cana Viewpoint

Departure from the hotel at about 5 am, we will head towards the Miradouro Da Bica Da Cana, to be dazzled by a sunrise in the mountains.

Surrounded by nature, with a 360° view over the wind farm, between valleys and mountains and the São Vicente Valley.

On this trail, to get to the Miradouro Da Bica Da Cana, it is only possible to use my equipment, since the trail is in bad condition.

Travel Time By Car, Funchal, Bica Da Cana:


Travel Time by car, access road, to Miradouro Da Bica Da Cana: 30M

Stopping Time 1h

Next Stop Fanal.

Very emblematic place, where you will discover a mythical forest, surrounded by trees.

Fanal is one of the most emblematic places in Porto Moniz, located between Ribeira da Janela and the Paul Da Serra plateau. Known for its unique beauty and the centenary forest of Tis (Ocotea foetens), these enduring specimens date back to before the discovery of the island.

They are part of the Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since December 1999, and are part of the Natura 2000 Network, a network of important sites for the European community.

It is only possible to do this route using my equipment.

Stopping time 30m

We will go to Porto Moniz, where you can visit the famous (natural) lava pools.Very popular with visitors, due to its natural beauty.

Stop for lunch.

We have an accessible restaurant in this place with 🚾♿.

At this location you have a 🚾♿.

Contact us for more information about the restaurant.

Stop time, 1h, to 2h if it’s for lunch.

We go to Ribeira Da Janela, which has this name because the most extensive and abundant watercourse formed inside the island, in the middle of the mountains and flowing into the ocean, is called Ribeira da Janela.

This name comes from a small islet that rises near the mouth of this stream and at the top there is a natural rock ledge that is reminiscent of a window.

This islet is not accessible, but family members may visit it.

stopping time about 15m
We will go to Seixal, by the old entrance, and you will be able to see some very nice landscapes over the sea.

In this place you have a 🚾♿.

For the passage by this place, we will make some stops so you can see the landscape.

According to our tour, we will go to the centre of São Vicente.

When we get to São Vicente, you will discover a little about this place, see the landscapes by the sea, the cultivated land and even a clock, placed on the tower of a church for everyone to see the time from afar, (so the legend tells ).

In this place you have a 🚾♿.

Lunch Stop

We Have An Accessible Restaurant At This Location With 🚾♿.

Contact Us For More Information About The Restaurant.

Stop Time 1h30. ( With Lunch )

Stop Time Without Lunch 30m

Time Back to the Hotel 1h30


🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Stop To Here: 1h30m

♿ – Travel Time From The Road To The Bica Da Cana Belvedere: 30m

Break Time: 1h

♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic ( Totally Irregular Ground ).


🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Point To Here: 30m

♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic ( Totally Irregular Ground ).


🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Stop To Here: 30/45m

♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic (Because of the ground, several climbs and not leveled pavements).

  • Ribeira Da Janela

🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Stop To Here: 15M

♿🟠-Accessibility: Medium ( Because of the ground, some places there is no lowering of the pavement ).

  • Seixal

🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Stop Here: 15M

♿🟢-Accessibility: Easy

🚐-Driving Time By Car From Last Stop Here: 15m

♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic ( Because of the ground, not levelled pavements, car traffic, objects like rubbish bins ).

Return to Departure Point 45m

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