Located in the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, the museum houses two permanent collections, one of minerals and the other of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture.

In the 18th century, the English consul Charles Murray bought a property south of the Church of The Mount turning it into a beautiful farm, then called "Quinta do Prazer". In 1897, Alfredo Guilherme Rodrigues acquired the farm and, inspired by the palaces he had seen on the banks of the River Reno, built a residence with palace features that was later transformed into a hotel with the name of "Monte Palace Hotel".

This hotel, at the time, was frequented by important people, national and foreign, who enjoyed this wonderful nove by its splendid view over Funchal and all the surrounding natural landscape. In 1943, Alfredo Guilherme Rodrigues died. Unfortunately, his family did not continue his project, which led to the closure of the hotel, so the property passed into the hands of the financial institution "Caixa Económica do Funchal".

In 1987, that financial institution sold the property to the businessman José Manuel Rodrigues Berardo who, in turn, gave it to the Foundation that he founded and to which he gave his name. Thus was born the Tropical Garden Monte Palace. Since then, the Tropical Garden has been enriched with exotic plants endemic to various countries (south African scythes and protégés, Belgian azaleas, Heathers from Scotland, etc.), as well as with indigenous plants from the Madeiran laurissilva forest (ferns, cedars, laurels, etc.). The lagoons have also been enriched with the introduction of Koi fish, which present visitors with a splendid chromatic variety.

The garden walks are enriched with ostentatious ornamentations in stonework, by windows, niches, pagodas, buddhas, lanterns and sculptures from different parts of the world, cultures and eras. It is also possible to enjoy a collection of blue-growing (18th century). XV-XX), in a panel composed of 166 terracotta glazed tiles, whose title is "The Adventure of the Portuguese in Japan", and a group of 40 panels depicting the history of Portugal, including the most important events of the reigns and republics.

Opening Hours:
  • Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 16:30
  • Pause/Interruption: December 25

Monte Palace Madeira

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