Description Tour Funchal

With departure from the hotel scheduled for 9am.

With this tour, you will get to know several of Funchal’s places, stroll through some churches, factories, all prepared for you.  

All adapted for those in wheelchairs.

The name Funchal comes from the plant known as Foeniculum vulgare, the fennel plant.  

When the discoverers arrived in Funchal, it had many fennel trees. 

No wonder that nowadays our fennel sweets are very traditional and known as other delicacies.  

Let’s start with the museums, we have several to choose from.

One of the most famous museums, for being the person he is. 

We are of course talking about the famous football player CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo, yes he is from Madeira Island, although many people think he is not.

You can visit the CR7 museum where you can see his trophies and learn a bit about his life story. 

The Museum of Photography, Museu Vicentes, the oldest museum of photography, where you can get to know and see some very peculiar equipment of photography. 

For those who enjoy photography as a hobby, this could be a good place to visit. 

Very close to this museum we have another photography museum, although it belongs to a private individual, there is a great panoply of equipment to see. 

It is called the Madeira Optics Museum and has a very large collection of equipment and cameras (a place that requires a lot of care because of the glass windows where all the equipment is displayed). 

Next museum is Casa-Museu Frederico Freitas.

The Frederico de Freitas House-Museum, of imposing proportions and an eye-catching reddish colour, is a striking presence on the steep Calçada de Santa Clara.

Also known as Casa da Calçada, this designation identifies the former residence of the Counts of Calçada, whose ancestors are associated with it since its beginnings in the 17th century. 

It is a place that we can visit, but is only limited to manual chairs, because of its ancient floor. 

One of the other places, right in the centre of Funchal, the Francisco Franco Museum, where you can visit and get to know works, paintings painted in oil.

Place to visit if you like Art.  

For those who like sweets, we can visit the Museum of Sugar, called white gold, which was used a lot in our old and traditional trade.

Many of us when we were children had that toy, probably just one. 

In the next Museum, the Toy Museum, you can remember your childhood, see toys from other times.

A place to visit with children.

Nearby, there’s The Electricity Museum, as the name says, it’s a museum telling the story of the electrification of our Island.

Madeira Story Center, is one of the other museums telling the history of Madeira since its creation.  

It is an interactive museum, where children can enjoy a good time.

This place has a restaurant, which you can use to enjoy a meal.  

For those who like military life, we have the Palácio De São Lourenço Museum.

This museum can show you a little bit of our military life.

The entrance of this museum is limited because it has several steps and it is necessary to put the ramp, for the access to its interior.

The 3D FUN museum is a museum with about 40 different scenarios, including 3D images and optical illusions, which take us into a world of fantasy and imagination and make us believe that everything is possible.

Here, visitors can personify Van Gogh’s doctor, go on an adventure on safari or even have a dinosaur as a pet. 

A space that combines the science of visual perception with the magic of illusion and makes everything seem possible…

It is a museum that can only be visited using the ramp to access its interior, one of the floors is not visitable as it has a staircase. 

National History Museum, located in the Botanical Garden, you can include in your visit a walk through the Botanical Garden.

In this museum there are many species of animals from Madeira Island. 

I point out that the access to the museum can be done with a wheelchair, electric, manual or even scooter, but the access to the garden, is only possible using our equipment. 

The floor is something to bear in mind as it is cobbled. 

At Monte, it is possible to find a small museum, allusive to the Monte Train that used to depart from/arrive at that place.  

In this museum you can see many photographs. 

There are other museums, but they are not prepared for people with reduced mobility. 

Going to Madeira Island and not visiting a garden is like going to Rome and not visiting the Pope.

Here we list some of them in Funchal.

Always bearing in mind that some of them can only be visited with our equipment due to their floor and slope. 

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden may be one of the most sought after gardens by those who visit us.

It is an extremely large garden, to visit it takes about four hours of time, in terms of accessibility, has many ups and downs, although it can be visited with an electric chair or scooter.  

You can use a manual chair but it will be extremely tiring. 

Always bearing in mind that this garden has several stairs and steps, spread throughout the enclosure, it is not possible to visit it in its entirety. 

This place has a small restaurant that serves as a support. 

Botanical Garden is one of our gardens that can be visited using our equipment.  

It is a place where you can enjoy the view of Funchal as you can see the Port of Funchal. We have a good 360° view.

This place has a small restaurant that serves as a support. 

Palheiro Gardens is one of our beautiful gardens located in the high areas of Funchal.

Due to its typology it can only be visited using our equipment.

Here you can get to know our beautiful flowers and more. 

This place has a small restaurant that serves as a support. 

In the centre of Funchal, we can find several gardens that we can visit, such as the Jardim Do Almirante Reis, which is in the old part of the city, Parque De Santa Catarina (the accessibility in this place is limited, it has some steps), 

There are other gardens, but they are not accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Christianity has always been part of our tradition, although we have other religions.  

It is possible to visit one of our churches, although its accessibility is limited, it is possible to visit the Cathedral and be dazzled by its interior.

Strolling through the centre of Funchal we can pass by several places, such as the Lavradores Market, where you can get to know and taste our fruit.

Strolling through the Old Town, a place much sought after by those who visit us.

In this place, many doors of old houses were recovered and were painted by several artists.  

There are many restaurants in this place, if you want to taste our food.

This route is not accessible to everyone because of the unevenness of the terrain and the ground is cobbled.  

Since we are in the Old Town, we go to Monte, in the well-known Madeira Cable Car.

At Monte you can visit the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, the Monte Train Museum and take a ride downhill in the basket cars. 

The access between the Madeira Cable Car and the Monte Palace Tropical Garden is on a cobbled path, shared with passing cars.

We have to be careful as it can be dangerous. 

Nearby is the famous Church of Monte (not accessible).

While we are here, lose yourself in a speed adventure, the descent of the famous Carro Carro De Cesto Do Monte.  

Going down, you will reach about 30 to 40 kms, an experience not to be missed in family. 

It is possible to do this descent with people who use Wheelchairs. 

Please contact us before, to expedite and explain the procedure. 

In the centre of Funchal we can visit some places like Fábrica Das Bolachas Santo Antônio, where you will find various types of biscuits, especially gingerbread and sugar free biscuits, fennel sweets and other delicacies.

For those who are connoisseurs of Madeira Wine or even Wine, there is the possibility of tasting various types of wine, Pereira D Oliveira.

This place has various wines, some of which are very old, over a hundred years old.

At this place you can taste the honey cake, typical of Madeira Island, a homemade honey cake, one of those to cry for more. 

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