Flower Festival

The Flower Festival is one of the poster events of our destination.

We say that it is the second most sought after by those who visit us.

In first place, of course, are the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

The Flower Festival usually takes place in late April and early May, lasting about four weeks.

During those days, Madeira Island will be all filled with flowers.

It’s not by chance that they call us Ilha Das Flores (Island of Flowers).

The festivities begin with the construction of carpets of flowers scattered all over Funchal.

In the construction of these carpets you can see that they are created with great care to show the beauty of the flowers they are chosen with great care.

The flowers are watered every day and taken care of.

Many of the flowers are imported , as it is not yet possible to be completely ours.

It is a magical few days on the island.

It takes place on the first weekend of the Flower Festival, on Saturday morning.

One of the most important events is the Muro da Esperança (Wall of Hope), where children place flowers on a wall to symbolise peace.

Each flower is a wish that is unfulfilled.

The release of pigeons that same day, next to the Wall of Hope.

Sunday will be the day awaited by many.

It is the day of the traditional Flower Parade.

The parade starts at 4pm in the afternoon, where adults and children will parade dressed up to celebrate Spring and Flowers.

There are usually benches, with benches, which can be rented for spectators to sit on and watch the parade.

Contact your hotel for prices.

On these days there is great entertainment in the streets of Funchal and an exhibition of old cars, Madeira Auto Parade, for those who are fans of these old machines, is something not to be missed.

This is one of the biggest draws for those who visit us. If you like flowers and animation, you must come and visit the island at this time of the year.

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