With this guide we will help you to understand our services, how we work, what kind of facilities are available, accessible restaurants, hotels, payment methods, prices, which includes our tours.


The Company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair, is a small company based on Madeira Island.

It is a company that has operated since 2019, in Madeira Island, Portugal. 

We are a company where our clients are mainly people with reduced mobility, wheelchair / Handicap.

We have our motto as the IMPOSSIBLE WILL BE POSSIBLE, and We Believe That Despite Everything Traveling Is For Everyone, despite the health conditions of each person.

We are a company where we create itineraries, tours mainly for people in wheelchairs, all our itineraries are accessible and daily we help to overcome architectural barriers, such as a simple walk.

Services We Provide: 

As we are a Travel Agency and Tourist Entertainment Company, we have several associated services.

As a Travel Agency we do the transfers between the airport, hotels and the port of Funchal.

We have the possibility to sell the hotel rooms and other services such as renting some mobility equipment, such as scooters, shower chairs, etc..   

As a Tourism Recreation Company, we do the tours adapted for people with reduced mobility, handicap, including Shore Excursions.

This is our main market of people and all our services focus on these people.  

We provide services for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, world renowned and Portuguese, targeting this market. 

Travel Agency RNAVT – 8717:
  • Transfers – All our Transfers can be made between the hotel and airport and other locations on request.

The prices are the ones that are stipulated by table and are for two people, three people, four people or even five, it is possible to increase the capacity on request. 

The stipulated prices are from Funchal to the Airport. 

Other Places can be made, on request and with an extra cost. 

  • Hotels – We have several hotels that we operate with. 

We focus mainly on hotels where accessibility is guaranteed, the rooms are large.

They can be all-inclusive or just breakfast.

There is the possibility of renting technical help equipment, such as electric beds, bath chair, etc. 

Some provide this equipment at an extra cost.

In the hotels we operate, an inspection is made to understand the accessibility inside, even when they are not totally accessible, we know what kind of problems there are and the client is made aware of them. Just so there are no surprises.

All rooms are always on request, as many hotels use adapted rooms as normal rooms.  

The client is free to choose the hotel he/she wants, if he/she is not interested in the ones we provide.

The payment of the hotel is made in advance, when it is booked, and then the hotel’s own cancellation rules apply. 

It is possible to have another hotel that the client wants, we can check the accessibility inside, provided that the client buys a package with several tours, with several days, including transfers.  

If there is no possibility, there will be an extra cost. 

  • Airline Tickets – At this moment we do not have this option available, but we help the clients in the decisions of prices and the best times that they can visit our island. 
Tourism Recreation Company  RNAAT 1853/2017:

How We Operate :

  • All our tours are designed for people with reduced mobility, handicap, and wheelchair.  

When a client requests to do a tour, they can choose the ones that are already pre-arranged, they are all previously prepared and have all been tested.

When a tailor-made package is made, we ask the client what they want to see and see, from the ones we already have, in addition to the descriptions of the tours themselves, we make an alignment of the route that will include accessible restaurants, accessible toilets.

When the route is ready, we send it to the client to approve or change something.

When there is this possibility we give the choice of restaurants, with the help of the TripAdvisor platform.

The selection of the restaurants depends on various factors, the main one is that they have adapted toilets, the prices and the food, as we favour regional food. 

We do not earn commission in the restaurants, for us other factors are more important.   

Another restaurant can be used if the client requests it and we check its accessibility inside. As long as a package of several tours is purchased. 

The client will be informed if it is possible to visit. 

The price of the food is not included in our rates. The client is totally responsible for what he/she consumes.   

Our tours can be done with two types of equipment:
  • With the client’s equipment, it can be a manual chair, electric chair, scooter, or other type of equipment.
  • With our equipment, which can be rented.

Some of the tours it is necessary to use our equipment, due to its specifications and it is already included in the price and we alert the client to that.

It is mandatory to use my equipment on those tours, if the client does not do it, he is held responsible if any problem happens. 

Type Of Tours: 
  • Our tours can be shared or private.

When we say shared, they are with other clients and there is no possibility to customize them to your liking. 

  • Private tours are only for that family and can be customized to each client. 
What’s Included in the Tours:
  • The Low Cost Tours Only includes Transportation, insurance and assistance in getting in / out of the adapted van, stop time 15M to 30M at the sites, not customizable.  
  • The Shared Tours include transportation, insurance, assistance in getting in/out of the van, ramp placement in places that are not accessible, accompaniment during the whole trip, stopover time of 15M to 30M, non customizable.  
  • The Shared Tours includes transport, insurance, help in getting in/out of the adapted van, placement of the ramp in places that are not accessible, accompaniment during the whole tour, total flexibility in the stopping time in places, can take up to seven people, depending on the equipment, totally customizable to your taste and possibility of a certified guide, for an extra cost.  
What’s Not Included:
  • Entrance to the Sites / Attractions.
  • Lunches and dinners, all the food and drinks that the client may consume.
  • Extra tours requested to other companies.
Tour Prices And Minimum Persons:
  • Low Cost Tours have a minimum of three people and the cost is per person.
  • Shared Tours have a minimum of two people and cost per person.
  • Private Tours are up to seven persons and the cost is per tour. 
  • Capacity always depends on the type of equipment the client has and will use.  
  • Package Tours, applies the same system as Private Tours. 
  • Some tours have a maximum limit of four persons. ( when using our equipment )  
Accepted Payment Methods:
  • Cash 
  • Bank Transfer ( you can add bank commission ) 
  • ATM Machine Payment ( several types of cards are accepted ).
Payment Dates:
  • Payment can be made on the day.
  • Until 15 days before the client’s arrival.
  • When it involves a hotel, the payment must be in full, at the time of booking. 
  • The invoice / receipt is sent at the end, when we check out the client. 
Terms And Conditions Of Our Services:
  • Tours may be canceled or altered without notice, for weather reasons or for reasons beyond our responsibility.
  • In the event of cancellation for the above reasons, we will offer a voucher for use on another possible date.
  • Cancellations by the client less than 48 hours before the planned date will not be refunded.
  • Customers who do not show up on the scheduled day will not be refunded and will be charged for the full day.
  • Insurance in accordance with Portuguese law.
  • Certified guides.
  • There may be delays in the time scheduled for departure from a location, for reasons such as traffic, or others. The client or hotel will always be alerted to this effect.
  • Mandatory identification of the full name of the client, hotel where he/she is staying, room, telephone number and email for contact if necessary.
  • Bring comfortable clothes, suitable for sun or rain, and closed, comfortable, non-slip shoes.
  • It is possible to prepare a snack for diabetic people and children for an extra charge.
Client Safety:
  • The Company Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair, has the mandatory insurances by the Portuguese Law allocated to the activities of the Travel Agency And Tourism Recreation Company. 
  • The client in a wheelchair is restrained by several belts which include, wheelchair restraint, waist belt and passenger belt. 
  • A copy of the identity cards of all passengers is always required because of our insurance. 
Customer Documentation:

Under the citizens data protection laws, all data collected By The Company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair will be destroyed / deleted once the client has checked out.  

Customer Photographs and Videos:

All the photos and videos we use of clients there is always a prior communication to the clients and we ask permission to disclose them.

All of them are for the marketing use of the Company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair.

It is preferable for the client to provide this photo / video material themselves. 

The client can choose the photos that can be disseminated on our communication channels and social networks.   

Partner Discounts:

We have several partner discounts, which are usually 10%.

These discounts apply exclusively to Private Tours or Package Tours and do not include hotels or tours from other companies.

Partners can be consulted on our Website.

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