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The Company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair, is a small company based on Madeira Island. It is a very recent company with two years in the market, which despite the pandemic did not lower their arms.
We are a company where our clients are mainly people with reduced mobility, wheelchair / Handicap.

We have our motto as the impossible will be possible, and we believe that despite everything travel is for everyone, despite the health conditions of each person.
We are a company where we create itineraries, tours mainly for people in wheelchairs, all our itineraries are accessible and daily we help to overcome architectural barriers, such as a simple walk.

For this, in our tours, we use a ramp that accompanies us everywhere.
We have an adapted van with a very wide ramp, which allows any equipment to go up and down.
All our tours pass through accessible places, such as restaurants, and we take care to check if there are adapted toilets, so that accessibility problems can be minimised.

For those who have already heard about our island, know that we have a product that stands out from everything, which are our famous levadas (nature trails), with the help of an off-road electric chair /Scooter it is possible for our customers to do some of these routes, emphasizing that these routes are not accessible to a normal wheelchair
That is why we say that we do The Impossible Will Be Possible.

We already have pre-designed itineraries, but because our tours are private, we can create each person, for example, a family that has a 12, 13 year old child, who uses the wheelchair, may not want to see a garden, they will want to see a museum, they will want to see something where you can interact and play like a child are these experiences that we try to give, that are in the memory of each person.

We have the possibility to make gardens, for people who like flowers, only with the possibility of using our chair, only then we can guarantee safety.
As we are a travel agency, we have some hotels with adapted rooms, I am always careful to check the inside of each hotel and understand what is the accessibility of each one. Each hotel is a hotel.

All our itineraries are tested in advance, only then we can’t have any surprises.
I believe that travelling is for everyone and, just like that, with a lot of work and care, we manage to give people good holidays and not worry about accessibility, after all, they are on holiday.

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