Visit the Adegas de São Francisco and contemplate the exhibition that tells the history of Madeira Wine. You can also enjoy tasting and purchasing Madeira wine on site, while enjoying the building's curious and centuries-old architecture.

On Avenida Arriaga, right in the center of Funchal, are the Adegas de São Francisco, "The Old Blandy Wine Lodges", which have an interesting exhibition area, situated in a set of buildings, which constitute the remnant of the former Convent of San Francisco do Funchal, demolished in the nineteenth century.

The wineries of San Francisco can be visited today presenting, in addition to their architectural curiosity, tasting rooms, warehouses, shop and an exhibition area that, as a whole, tells the history of Madeira wine, from the production process of the vineyard to its transformation into Madeira Wine. 

Opening Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 10:00-18:30;
  • Saturday: 10:00-13:00
  • Sundays and holidays.

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