The Miradouro do Cristo Rei, or Garajau Viewpoint, as it is commonly known, is one of the most visited viewpoints in Caniço.

The story goes The Cristo- Rei do Garajau is a simple monument to Christ, at the top of the hill, in a high place, with a sculptural image of Jesus Christ with open arms, in concrete, with 14 meters (pedestal and statue), overlooking the immense sea in front, visible from all boats that dock in Funchal, and place to visit and pilgrimage by land.

The CRISTO – REI of Garajau, was ordered erected by Councilman AIRES DE ORNELAS and his wife Dª Maria de Jesus Ornelas, who was an important military and political, born in Camacha on March 5th, 1866 and died in Lisbon on December 14th, 1930, he was dedicated to colonial affairs, having been in 1906, Minister of State and Secretary of State for Navy and Overseas in João Franco’s government. He was a convinced monarchist and aide-de-camp to kings D. Carlos I and D. Manuel II.

This monument was erected as a promise, his wife had become very ill, so if she got well he had it erected to thank her for the gift received.

For the experts, this belvedere is an energy point, marked on the ground as a solar point. 

The fact is that this monument was built long before the main existing monuments evoking Christ the King.

Out of curiosity, it should be noted that Pope Benedict XVI was born in the year in which the Statue of Christ the King of Garajau was inaugurated (April 16, 1927).

This viewpoint has a beach, accessible by cable car.

A mandatory stop.


♿🟠 –Accessibility: Medium (The access to the viewpoint is made through a path with some inclination, the lowering of the existing pavements is not enough because electric chairs and scooters can not climb).

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