Santana has been part of our postcards for as long as I can remember.

A must stop to take pictures of the famous triangle-shaped houses with thatched roofs, the famous Casinhas de Santana.

There are still some in their original state, scattered around this municipality.

There is a traditional market here where farmers sell their produce.

Local where is inserted the two levadas that is possible to do with the chair / Scooter TT.

In this place is the Theme Park of Santana, a place for all generations of people and where you can learn a little about our island.

It is possible to visit one of the best known viewpoints, which is located in São Jorge, with a view of the sea.

In São Jorge is the Museum of Wine and Vine, which we can visit and taste some wines.

In Porto Da Cruz you can visit the Rum house, the correct name is Engenhos Do Porto Da Cruz, it only operates once a year during the harvest of sugar cane to make the aguardente used in our traditional poncha.

A mandatory stop.

♿🔴- Accessibility: Problematic (Because of the ground, pavements are not lowered, car circulation, we share the road with traffic, objects such as rubbish bins, restaurant tables).

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