Private Tour
  • Full day: 250,00€

* Does not include entry to the sites

      VAT included at the legal rate in force.

      Full day/noon tour from the Hotel 9:00 / 9:30 and arrival at 18:00 / 18:30

      It is possible to take a day/noon tour for deaf-mute people or with more difficulty listening.

      The places to visit can be those that are already stipulated on the Tours page or on the Services page.


      • Understanding and being able to read on your lips what the guide is talking about, the Guide will be careful to speak calmly and slowly.
      • It is not possible to translate simultaneously into multiple languages.
      • Several locations have translator equipment for specific reading.
      • In Portuguese it is possible to have a sign language translator.

      Comparison of the type of tours

      Low-cost Shared Private
      Included in the price 1 person
      (minimum 2 people)
      1 person
      (minimum 2 people)
      All shipping capacity
      Help in the entry and exit of the transport ✔️ ✔️
      Accompaniment at attractions ✔️
      Wheelchair support equipment ✔️
      Exclusive transportation to the customer ☑️
      Flexibility in the distribution of time by itinerary ☑️

      Additional options to the tour:
      • Off road wheelchair: €60.00
      • Wheelchair or Scooter: €60.00
      • Guide-interpreter (only available on private tours): €250.00
      • Snack with traditional products for adults: €12.00
      • Snack with traditional products for children: €12.00
      • Snack with traditional products for diabetics: €12.00
      • Seats for children aged 5 to 12: free
      • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
      • Bring waterproof if necessary
      • Bring sunscreen, a few hours of the day, the sun can burn.
      • Bring water/snacks
      • We recommend using our equipment as many of the routes are not prepared for manual chairs or electric chairs.
        • Our equipment is prepared to climb stairs and do all-terrain.
        • We are not responsible if customers’ equipment malfunctions, becomes out of battery, or becomes stuck.
        • If it is necessary to remove the chair from the customer, he will be responsible for the costs of the operation.

      We stop at various places where they sell drinks, snacks, regional items. Customers are not required to consume, or buy, but if they do, they help the regional economy.

      Transportation options:
      • 2 people in manual wheelchair and 4 people seated
      • 1 person in a manual chair and 5 people seated
      • 1 person in electric wheelchair and 4 people seated
      • 1 person in wheelchair for all-terrain and 3 people seated
      • It is possible to make this Tour with manual or electric chair and with electric scooter however there are limitations in access to some locations.
      • Not all accessible locations allow the entry of electric chairs or scooters.
      • There may be delays at the start or end of the Tour due to external situations such as traffic and a lot of influx of people.
      • Tours may need to be cancelled or changed due to special conditions such as weather situations or lack of safety conditions.
      • In the case of cancellation we offer the option to rebook the Tour or we will refund the money.

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