Câmara De Lobos is a very traditional place, besides being a fishing village, it has a lot to see.

Land where the famous traditional “poncha” was born, where the fishermen needed some drink to warm up when they went fishing.

Made with Aguardente De Cana De Açúcar, Honey and Lemon, it was and is a very strong drink, used to warm up in the cold nights of fishing.

Even today it is still possible to taste the original, although there are many versions.

Besides Poncha there is the famous Nikita, made with passion fruit pulp and ice cream and milk.

Very traditional of this place.

With the passing of time they created other variations of flavour.

Câmara De Lobos is a place of landscapes and viewpoints, such as the Miradouro Da Eira Do Serrado, in Curral das Freiras, although it is far from Câmara De Lobos.

The famous Miradouro Do Cabo Girão, and other places that you can discover in this municipality.

Not forgetting that it is a stopping point, for snack, lunch and dinner, since it still has many traditional restaurants.

A mandatory stop.

♿🔴-Accessibility: Problematic (Because of the ground, several uphill/downhill stretches and un-lowered pavements. When the existing pavements are lowered, they are not low enough because electric chairs and scooters can’t climb them, so we share the road with cars).

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