The factory was founded in 1893 by Francisco Roque Gomes da Silva. Since the beginning, the factory and store have remained in the same place, in Travessa do Forno.

It began by producing biscuits and biscuits, in which the English influence becomes evident, both with regard to the recipes and the logo of the 5 kg cans where they were packed.

We can see the old, paper-lined Flanders leaf cans next to cans from Huntley & Palmers, an English factory founded in 1822 and which became the world's largest biscuit factory and realize its influence.

Likewise gingerbread cookies immediately refer us to England. In 1948, the factory, partially visible behind the counter, was remodeled and adapted to electricity.

The modernisation spared, however, the main machine, a wafer moulder, dating from 1900 and which was only adapted to the new driving force. Currently the Sto Factory. Antony continues in his 6th generation Familiar.

Santo António Factory

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