Ponta do Rosto Viewpoint is so called because of the caricatured shape that erosion has drawn on the rock (a face).

It is located on the northern part of Ponta de São Lourenço and offers magnificent views over the eastern area: Machico and Santa Cruz to the south and Porto da Cruz and Faial to the north.

On good days, it’s possible to see Porto Santo, located to the northeast.

This point is a geosite, selected for its inherent qualities. Here you can observe not only the geomorphology of the coast but also the basaltic dykes that line the cliffs.

This site is totally different from the places sighted on our island, as it is reminiscent of a desert.

A mandatory stop.


♿🔴-Accessibility: Difficult ( Because of the ground, it makes the wheels of the equipment stick, the ground has a lot of gravel and makes some equipment skid, very limited access to the site ).

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