Access to the Cape Girão ViewPoint

On the 22nd day of May of two thousand and twenty two, the company Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair.

You made history as an accessible tourism company.

It was a remarkable day, it was our 1st electric wheelchair customer to go to the glass part.

Of the famous and much visited Cape Girão viewpoint.

I had already had several clients, all in manual wheelchairs, but in electric wheelchairs it had never been possible, since there is some fear.

One of the problems I had was setting up the manual ramp, as there were many people and it wasn’t easy to work safely.

People were always moving from one side to the other, which complicated the assembly of the ramp and they didn’t respect it.

To make it possible for the person in wheelchair to arrive where everybody else arrives, it was necessary to put the ramp in a group of six steps, divided by three phases.

At the end it was necessary to place a carpet so as not to damage the glass of the belvedere itself.
It was a very positive balance and I hope that in the future we can do this more often.

The most important moment is seeing the client smile, being able to be with her family and not feeling excluded.

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